Nutritional Coaching

A Functional Nutrition Coach is someone that takes a Functional approach — asking questions instead of prescribing formulas, fostering partnerships instead of placing ourselves or the physicians above our patients, and taking the time to find unique root causes instead of rushing for the generic quick fixes.

As a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner I work within my scope of practice. That scope is not to diagnose, prescribe or treat. Instead, my role is to:

  • understand the whole person
  • address the terrain within which those signs, symptoms or diagnosis manifested
  • educate the patient on why their health challenges arose and on how to take back control of their own health
  • and to use my specific skill set to fill the GAP that exists between the physician and the patient

The GAP I’m referring to is an education GAP and a communication GAP. The doctor knows and speaks in medical terms. The patient knows how she feels, what she’s going through, and where she’d rather be (her goals.) That’s her language.

The GAP creates misunderstandings, lack of empathy, and decreased compliance.

In short, it halts the healing process.

In order to fill that GAP we need to speak the language of both parties in the therapeutic relationship…

The techniques in Functional Nutrition go beyond coaching. They’re not about dietary theory. Instead it’s a nuanced way of thinking, rooted in a comprehension of what it means to be human—to have a history and a culture and a body. All of it!


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